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I'm from Dallas TX, but spent half my life in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Life was definitely not easy growing up.  But my family was founded in the word of God.  My father was strongly religious and would tell me to work hard and trust in God.  So I did.  As I got older I saw my cousin Joel E.  Huerta doing his thing as a barber in Dallas and thought to myself, "you see, I can see myself doing that!"  It was inspiring to see the hustle & the level of professionalism put into the work that he was so passionate about.  It was inspiring to see the success one could achieve if you put your mind to it.  Where I come from Narcos and Violence are glorified in a shameful fashion.   That lead me to many unfortunate decisions.  From which I grew from.  Seeking the best way to fulfill my destiny I booked it from Louisiana to join my family in Dallas and eventually launched my career as a barber.  That was 8 Years ago today.  Looking back at it there has been no regrets and I've had no better time than serving my clients and welcoming my community to have a seat at my chair.  As a barber I have the opportunity to be there for my clients on their best and on their worst day.  I have the opportunity to watch the neighborhood kids grow up, while having the opportunity of sharing the words of wisdom I was missing.  If you're interested in booking with a barber who is professional and dedicated to excellence, look no further.  Book with me at the link provided above!   

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